Potato Fennel Stew

Don’t know what to do with fennel? Feel like you’re not really on board with fennel in root form? Until recently, I was with you 100%. However, I just created something delightful from it, which will likely become a regular meal in my cooking repertoire. The fennel has the texture of celery, but a sweeter, … More Potato Fennel Stew

Root Vegetable Kimchi

This is my favorite way to eat all those winter hardy radishes. It’s a spicy, super crunchy pickle jam packed with delicious flavors. Use this recipe to make quick refrigerator kimchi or take a little extra time and let it ferment to get a stronger flavor and the nutritional benefits that fermentation brings. (Don’t worry … More Root Vegetable Kimchi

Asian greens sauces

Don’t know what to do with all of those Asian greens or kale, collards, and chard? I’m a huge fan of peanut and tahini dressings. I put them on a raw Asian green salad with chopped radishes, turnips, and some toasted nuts and on greens sauted with onions and garlic. To be honest, I actually … More Asian greens sauces