Sorrel, a tart, lemony flavored, vitamin c packed leafy green has been a staple in Europe for centuries. Used in small quantities, it enhances the flavor of any salad. In larger quantities, it’s delightful in soups, pestos, or in sauces with seafood. My favorite sorrel way to consume eat sorrel is in an omelets with … More Sorrel

Fun w/ Fennel

Fennel bulb is fantastic with roasted meats, poached fish, and nearly any fruit in salad, entrees or desserts. When using cold, be sure to shave it super thin to maximize sweetness. When cooking, cut in large chunks to keep it from disintegrating. I think it’s especially yummy in a stew with tomatoes and potatoes (check … More Fun w/ Fennel

11/6/12 – Fermentation and upcoming events

    In this share: Rutabega – Joan Potatoes – Nicola Radish or Burdock Beets – Mixed Kohlrabi – Kossak Red Onion  – Red Marble Escarole – Great Batavian Herb – Mint Chard – Prismatic Rainbow Arugula – Tuscan Fermentation Frenzy! It’s official. We’re completely hooked on fermented foods. We’ll eat kimchi on top of … More 11/6/12 – Fermentation and upcoming events