Garlic Scapes

And what’s the story with those curly garlic tops you ask? Those are garlic scapes- and they are all the rage! I heard a food reporter on NPR describe them as tasting like “the essence of garlic.” Mmmm… So use ’em just as you would garlic. They are bit more subtle in flavor, but no … More Garlic Scapes

Eat your Greens!

Are you having a tough time eating all those greens in your farm share? Well, here are a few easy ideas to solve your overwhelmed by greens blues… Mustards, Chard, Spinach, and Kale are all super delicious in eggs (quiche, frittata, and omelets), stir-fry, soup (minestrone, vegetable, etc.), juiced, or saut├ęd with onions, garlic, and … More Eat your Greens!

Week 3 – June 25

  In this share: Colored Carrots – Mixed Parsley – Italian Flat Leaf Scallions – Ishikura and Parade Chard – Peppermint Mustard Greens – Spicy Curls Salad Mix – Custom Spinach – Corvair Peas – Super Sugar Snap Garlic Scapes – Chesnok Red An Almost Lost Craft is Found Here on Whidbey For years, Greg … More Week 3 – June 25

Week 2 – June 18

In this share: Bok Choi – Prize Choi Kale – Red Ursa Chard – Bright Lights Peas – Super Sugar Snap Beets – Chioggia Radishes – Mixed Cilantro – Santo Head Lettuce – Various Arugula – Astro